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This site is intended for bondage lovers who like their immobilization combined with PVC gear. In Dutch a rainsuit is called regenpak, hence PVC Regenpak. Here you'll find several pages filled with pictures of myself as well as kind submissions from friends. I won't include pictures found on the internet, even though there is some delectable material available. You'll have to find that yourself (see links below)

About myself
I was born in 1963 and currently live in Amsterdam. I'm pretty active in the Dutch S&M community and specialize in self-bondage. In S&M play I am a switch. When I'm not busy with PVC bondage I'm electronicks engineer. As I am so totally fed up with Billy Gatez' Quality Product I decided to ditch my Snotmail and use the email service from my own provider XS4ALL.

The Raingear department contains pictures of PVC gear combined with bondage. Currently several sections are available, amongst them rainwear bondage, fun with Rukka (twice) and immersion suit. The latest addition covers waadpak bondage.
PVC Coated Wrinkley StuffI just love that silver tape! Nice helmet too
On the Hazmat pages the focus lies on bondage combined with more bondage. A white chemical suit and a green splash suit are featured as well as my favorite yellow Beadle suit. Also an orange suit makes its appearance.

Because there are quite a few pages now, it seems logical to provide links to each section. Here goes:
1. Raingear pages
2. Hazmat
3. Movies
4. Gaggage
5. Agu Annex!!!!!!!!!!!
6. Fanmail
7. Stories
8. Friends and Parties
9. Popularity Survey

Some suggestions for further surfing
My good friend Rien now has a site featuring some of his fetish material, medical restraints and army stuff (see also Friends and Parties)
Jacob Rubber, some pretty good rubber/PVC bondage material albeit a bit pr0n-focused
Rubby 12, some great vidcaps from Dutch TV
Some (actually quite a few!) delicious raingear bondage stories and a good collection of links may be found on this Ozzie site. Highly recommended!
A long time omission, Mr. WolfHazmat really deserves being mentioned here. Now using his own domain! Lucky bastard :-)
And if you're looking for a more "mainstream" blog, try Fetish Rainwear, a Danish couple with a, well, fetish for rainwear.

Last update: 2 June 2008 (Waadpak bondage)

E-mail: regenpak@xs4all.nl (with a jolly good spamfilter)

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